Reviews & Recommendations

''Simply outstanding…beautiful pacing and language…it felt clean and complete.''


Aimee Bender, two-time Pushcart Prize winner, on Ashley’s short story, “Aunt Maryann Was Stolen”

''This makes for a read that is far less dry and more accessible than one might expect…does not skimp on the details; there are many useful tips, and the fact that they are transmitted in such an entertaining manner helps the reader to absorb the material without feeling like it is homework.  It is hard to think of another book that is simultaneously so honest and so inspiring.''


American Cinematographer Magazine on Ashley Wren Collins and Lloyd Kaufman’s book, Produce Your Own Damn Movie! (Focal Press, 2009)

''The book is loaded with fascinating information about the history of American independent cinema and the political and economic struggles facing indie producers today.''  


Show Business Weekly on Ashley Wren Collins and Lloyd Kaufman’s book, Produce Your Own Damn Movie! (Focal Press, 2009)

''The Cheap Bastard’s Guide to Los Angeles has something for everyone…It’s an incredibly useful collection of information…sure to appreciate Collins’ sense of what’s fun and interesting.''


The Los Angeles Examiner on Ashley Wren Collins’ book, The Cheap Bastard’s Guide to Los Angeles (Globe Pequot Press, 2011)

''Ashley was excellent at infusing the charisma and light heartedness that we desired into the book. In particular, she was able to distill a number of complex documents and theories into simple, practical, succinct passages that maintained the essence of our own words.''  


Heidi Alexandra Pollard on the book she hired Ashley to write

''Time and time again, I have found that Ashley’s special skill, be it in person or through her writing, is really to put her heart into everything she does, so much so the reader, viewer or friend can’t help but feel her passion and be moved.''


Robyn Stecher, Executive Vice-President of Don Buchwald & Associates

''Ashley fully immersed herself in the material, researching and sifting through hundreds of pages of interview transcripts, as well as obtaining interviews on her own, and structuring the book into chapters and sections. She also quickly familiarized herself with my personality and public personae, which has its own unique trademark humor. Thus, the book, though she wrote it all and is credited along with me, really seems as though all of the thoughts and words are coming directly out of my mouth, no easy feat. Ashley took a vision, ran with it, and executed it, surpassing expectations.''


Lloyd Kaufman on the book he co-wrote with Ashley Wren Collins, Produce Your Own Damn Movie! (Focal Press, 2009)